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Meeting Minutes

October 6, Meeting  at Margies.

Minutes approved Jan 20, Aug 25, Sept. 8
President Report-$ patch sales
                                  100 purchased total , patches are being sold at Valley Feed and Seed and AK animal Warehouse Flyer will be added to website.
Treasures Report-$2175.  Writing check for $150. for tax excempt application.
INHT inc.-No Report Fon Emailed new secretary to be included in email list and teleconferences Bill Devine not in attendence.
IRS -Application ready to mail.
Symms Grant info-Hours and mileposts have been added to the Trail Projects section of the website.
Fish Creek Bridge Project-Rec Grant Sent in to the state. $20,000 for bridge, panels, signs.
Bed Tax Grant from Borough Ready to send in Could use Letters of support from Community.
Nominations-Jon and Burt to continue as board members for another term.
Next Meeting Nov 4:00 Margies.