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Minutes 1/22/01

Iditarod Trail Blazers (Knik Chapter)

HC Box 5460

Knik Alaska 99654


Sunday, January 21, 2001

Call to Order: Time: 4:45 Place: Margie Bauman's House

Roll Call: Darren Black-E

Tim Benindendi-E

Jon Brautigan-P

Vi Redington-P

Burt Bomhoff-P

Margie Bauman-P

Benoni Nelson-E

Also in attendance: Francine Bennis, Nancy Black, Ed and Lisa Boots,Terry Langholz, Dale Meyer.

Approval of Minutes

a) Meeting on December 23, 2000 (tim)-not available

President's Report-(Vice President Presided)-Iditarod Trail Blazer Web Site was added to the agenda. House bill No.44 to be discussed below.

IRS Tax exemption application-remains unfinished. Francine Bennis volunteered to help with the application and was approved.

Draft bylaw revisions-remain unfinished.

Treasurer's report-The general checking account balance has not changed since last meeting. Financial statement not available.

Agenda Items-Director and Members lists sent out with meeting agenda. More life members than listed research to be done by VI and Nancy. Electricity is now in Bjorn Cabin. Natural Gas is being worked on.

Symms Grant update Most recent report will generate $1,442.76 for the chapter.

ITB patch design decided to be the same as other chapters to be researched and presented at the next meeting by Nancy Black.

INHT, Inc activities no available. Vi planning to call Dan Seavy.

No trail maintenance acativities have been organized due to lack of snow. Work Party for one weekday and one weekend day discussed to cut in access to Iditarod from Knik Lake. Terry L. and Burt B. checked situation of weather port. Weather port and equiptment to be moved to Vi's Cabin on Malamute Run when ground has thawed enough to disassemble.

Knik Fairview council only had a board meeting. Knik 200 was canceled due to poor trail conditions. Jon B will try to get name change of KGB and special use district on the Community Council agends. (see below)

House BIll No. 44 discussed. Membership authorized TIm B to write and send letter showing Trail Blazers support on Joe Redignton Sr. Memorial Road; however would like for the change to include between milepost 0 to mile 20. Also discussed the possibility of changing Special use District name to include Joe Redington Sr.

Iditarod Trail Blazers Knik Chapter web site up and running at Meeting minutes to be posted on the site when available.

Next Meeting - Will be Sunday, February 18, 2001, 5:00pm at Margie Bauman's house

Adjournment: Approximately 6:00pm