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Iditarod Trail Blazers (Knik Chapter)
HC 30 Box 5460
Knik, Alaska 99854
Call to order: Time 5:55 pm Place: Margie Bauman's home off Laurie Lane, Knik
Roll Call: Darren Black-P
Tim Benintendi-E
Benoni Nelson-A
Jon Brautigan-P
Vi Redington-P
Burt Bomhoff-P
Margie Bauman-P
Approval of Minutes:
Meeting of December 23,2000 Approved(Tim)
Meeting of January 21,2000 Approved(Nancy)
Nancy Black made a motion to approve minutes with a second by Dale Meyer
Presidents Report:
Communications with TIm Benintendi regarding House BIll 44, grant extension, and IRS exception status- see below.
House BIll 44 was heard in Senate Transportation Committee. Next it will go to Senate Rules, where it will get a brief hearing to schedule it for a senate floor vote, Then it will go togovernor
IRS tax exemption application remains unfinished, however Francine Bennis and Tim Benentendi are making progress
Draft bylaw revisions remain unfinished, but Tim Benintendi will continue working on them.
Tresurer's Report
Previous balance of $3,842.18. Mewmbership fees of $100.00 were deposited as well a $1,442.76 from the Simms Trails Grant filing. Current balance si $5,384.94 with one commitment for the electrical work in the Bjorn Cabin. It was motioned by Jon Brautigan that Tim be reimbursed for the postage expensses. Dale di secon the motion. A check for 43.94 was written and approved.
Vice Presidents Report:
COncern over the Iditarod Trail access from Knik Lake was expressed. There is only a 15 ft. pulbic use easement for the trail to be cut in. Plan to talk with bordering property owners. Darren Black will call John Shadrach, who did the survey that is recognized by the Platting Board in the mentioned area.
Agenda Items:
Bjorn Cabin is unchanged. Natural gas line is being worked on. Museum natural gas has been turned on for race day.
Simms Grant extension was granted for one year.
ITB Patch Design was decided to be the same as other chapters. Nancy Black continues to research possibilities.
INHT, Inc. would like our chapter to become more active. Meeting minutes and membership lists will also be obtained. Darren Black will call for a membership application. ITB would like to work together with the INHT, Inc. to accomplish our goals. Projects that we would like to coordinate our ideas include "Nine-Mile Hill" and Knik Lake to Iditarod Trail access.
Web site- Iditarod Trail Blazers (Knik Chapter) now up and running at Meeting minutes are posted and will be updated.
Next Meeting: Sunday March 25th 2001 at 5:00pm at Margie Bauman' s home.
Adjournment: Approximately 7:30pm.