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April 22, 2001 5:00 pm
Call to Order Roll Call: Darren Black____Jon Brautigan_____Burt Bomhoff___Tim Benintendi___Vi Redington___Margie Bauman___Benoni Nelson___ Approval of Minutes meeting March 24, 2001 additions deletions? Presidents Report- Treasurers Report- Agenda Items: a)Membership Report-(Tim) b)Bjorn Cabin-(Vi/Benoni) c)Symms Trail Grant update d)ITB patch designs(Nancy/Vi) e)INHT, INC. activities (Jon B) f)Trail Maintenance (Jon/Darren/Ed) g)Community Laison (Jon)
h.)ITB web site.(Jon)- Should other ITB chapters be invited to include their information on the Knik Chapter web site? Should INHT Inc. information be included on the ITB Knik Chapter web site?
VII.Other Matters
VIII. Adjournment
Iditarod Trail Blazers
Minutes for March 24,2001
Call to order: 5:45pm Place: Margies house
Roll Call:Darren Black -A Jon Brautigan -P Burt Bomhoff-P Tim Benintendi-A Vi Redington-P Margie Bauman-P Benoni Nelson-P
Approval of minutes from 2/18/01.
Agenda additions and deletions
New web site address
Treasurers report: Approved to reimburse Tim for postage $43.94. Balance $5384.94
Membership report: Terry Langholz new member
Bjorn Cabin- Natural Gas work continues, electrical fixtures needed. Also Benoni discussed preparing a Knik History presentation for a meeting.
Symms Grant: Receipts and work hours being prepared for reimbursement.
ITB Patch:Darren supplied a written report of an estimate from Dees Serigraphics which Jon read. $25 setup fee and $3 each for 100 patches. Lisa was working on new patch designs. Ed volunteered to get a price from Alaska Serigraphics in Anchorage. We will vote on this at the next meeting.
INHT,Inc Activities: Tim sent Agenda and Minutes from Feb. Meeting. Jon asked if everyone got them and read them and discussion followed. Jon mentioned he was in contact with Leo Rasmussen and discussed the importance of someone from Knik Chapter on the teleconference meeting list and inviting Jules Mead to attend one of our meetings.
Trail Maintenance activities: Ed gave report about the work party that went out on March 14, 2001. Ed, George, Jon went out as far as fish creek north of flathorn lake. Worked on cutting out logs and brush work.
Also on one Sunday Ed B Donny R and Jon B. worked on the public use easement off Knik Lake. Flagging is done and it is ready to cut.
Community Laison- Jon mentioned a community council and how important it is to have people who are trail friendly to attend the council meetings.
Web Site: Jon asked if the group wanted to purchase the address for $22. Jon motioned and Burt seconded . Approved unanimously.
Other Matters: An email was sent to Jules Mead inviting him to the meeting. 3/25/01
Next Meeting: April 22,2001 5:00