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September Minutes

Sunday, September 30th, 2001

CALL TO ORDER: Time: 5:10pm Place: Margie Bauman's home, Knik

ROLL CALL: Darren Black - P Jon Brautigan - E Burt Bomhoff - A
Tim Benintendi - P Vi Redington - P Margie Bauman - P
Benoni Nelson - E

Also in attendance: Ed Boots, Lisa Redington-Boots, Dale Myers, Bill Devine,
Francine Bennis

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: meeting of March 24, 2001 - approved

There were no additions nor deletions to the agenda. The only communication received was a
copy of the letter Jon Brautigan sent, regarding the Mat-Su land parcel sale (see below).
We held elections under suspension of the bylaws provision which calls for a nominating com- mittee. This was due to a lack of volunteers, and a desire not to prolong the process out over the ncxt three meetings. Francine Bennis was electedby unanimous consent to fill the vacancy of the departing Darren Black, who may likely move away. Vi Redington was reelected by unaninous consent to retain her seat on the board. In the absence of Jon Brautigan, we decided to wait until the next meeting to determine officers.

The current balance of chapter checking account - $2,826.00, all unencumbered. It was also re-
ported by Vi Redington that we have paid our share, in full, of the electrification of the Bjorn Cabin.

Vi reported that we had one annual member upgrade to life member status, and two annual mem-
bers renew at that rate. Several other annual members are due now.

OLD BUSINESS: IRS tax exemption application - Francine took over this project earlier this year, and is ready to finish the application. She needed to refine the description of what the ITB does, so as to give an accurate rendition to the IRS. She and Tim worked out the detailed description. We have to amend our Articles of Incorporation to delete all references to the Commemorative Serum Relay

Race, since we no longer are affiliated with that undertaking. Those present voted unanimously to amend the articles, and left Francine to write the final language.
BJORN CABIN natural gas line - Tim asked if this is something underway, and was reminded that gas is already supplied to the structure, but that the place only needs a gas furnace. He asked if there were any plans to by one, either by the ITB or the museum, and was told there are no plans as yet. An estimated cost of approximately $100 was mentioned.
SIMMS GRANT - Tim basically had no report, but said we were given an extension of one year to perform work to use up the last of our grant balance. Because of the bad weather last winter, all trails grantees were given the same extension. This generated a discussion of getting volunteers out on the trail this coming winter to work on our mileage stretch. We will have to try hard to get folks interested and active.
ITB PATCH DESIGN - This has been in-process for quite a while, and after some discussion, Ed Boots and Bill Devine were tasked with coordinating on a design, and coming up with some production and manufacturing costs. They will come back with some information at the next meet- ing.
INHT, Inc. - Bill Devine had been asked by Jules Meade to consider being a candidate for a board seat. They have held an election, but it was too early for results at meeting time. Bill will report next meeting.
MAT-SU LAND PARCEL - adjacent to Settlers Bay. The status of the land sale was in question,
but no one present knew the latest. We will likely hear from Jon Brautigan at the next meeting.

KNIK GRAVEL EXTRATION - The current status was unknown, so this will also be raised at the
next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, October 21, 2001, 5:00pm, at the Bjorn Cabin, on site at the Knik Museum.


Prepared and Submitted by:

Tim Benintendi, Secretary